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We were the first and are still the technology leaders in the underground petroleum tank industry with many patented products & corrosion-proof tanks with Hydroguard® monitoring system.

Underground fibreglass tanks provide a natural insulation barrier to extreme temperatures which can significantly impact the DEF shelf life.

Clereflo™ Class 1 oil water separators achieve a water discharge quality of < 5 mg/litre of light hydrocarbons and are third party certified as fully complying with European Standard BSEN858.1.2002.

Single Walled Underground Storage Tanks up to 500,000 litres as standard and larger volumes can be engineered. Over 50,000 installations worldwide.

Envirotanks are watertight and suitable for all sewer applications. Unlike concrete they need no additional coatings and are maintenance-free for its lifetime.

Our pump stations are pre-packaged units completely finished for off the truck single lift installations which can come with or without pumps.

About Us
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Over 40 Years Of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence

Envirotank have proven international competitiveness in the fibreglass industry through engineering expertise and automated manufacturing plant and equipment and undertake projects throughout the Australasian region.

In house engineering is supported by a range of international associations to provide our clients with the world’s latest technology. Services to our clients extends from manufacturing to complete design, manufacture and install packages.

Envirotank fibreglass underground storage tanks have been providing safe, cost-effective underground containment of petroleum, chemical, water and related products for more than 40 years in Australia and New Zealand.

Our Mission

Creating and engineering sustainable, industrial fibreglass solutions from a supportive, passionate and experienced team.

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Our Vision

What we produce is who we are.

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