Water Storage

Potable Water Tanks

Envirotank manufactures fibreglass tanks that meet Potable Water requirements.

Because of their lightweight design, Envirotanks are easy to transport and easy to install making them popular in areas of limited access or remote locations where a dependable and clean water source is critical.

Envirotank underground Potable Water Tanks are frequently used for back-up or emergency water supply at parks, resorts and rural home sites.

Our lightweight fibreglass tanks will not rust or corrode internally or externally making them the ideal choice for Potable Water applications.

Typical Applications
  • Rural properties
  • Livestock feeding stations
  • Emergency water supplies
  • Large private resorts
  • Residential cisterns and reticulated watering systems
  • Rest areas
  • Recreational sites
  • Truck stops
  • Municipalities
  • Caravan parks and camping areas
Optional Features and Accessories
  • Fibreglass manways and covers
  • Fibreglass collars and extensions
  • Stainless steel manway bolting hardware
  • Flanged and or nozzles
  • PVC couplings
  • Concrete deadmen and anchors
  • Tank internal ladders
  • Fill tubes
  • Pump platforms


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Latest News & Info

Conder Environmental Solutions

Envirotank would like to announce that Conder Environmental Solutions and Envirotank have signed a technology supply agreement to manufacture and represent their products under license in the Oceania region. The agreement allows Envirotank to manufacture and provide quality Conder storm water treatment devices and “Clereflo™” separator products meeting ENBS-858 to all industries in the region.

ACAPMA Convenience and Fuel Industry Conference

Envirotank to exhibit at the ACAPMA Convenience and Fuel Industry Conference September 11th to September 14th.