Petroleum Storage: Double-Wall Underground Storage Tanks

Envirotank Double-Wall Tanks deliver state-of-the-art protection

Envirotank Double-Wall Tanks give you two levels of protection, so you have twice the assurance and twice the risk management that any single-wall tank can offer. Both the primary tank and outer tank are structurally designed to contain your fuel. In the unlikely event that there is a breach in the primary tank, the outer tank will contain your product and prevent a spill into the environment at normal operating conditions and test pressures.

System testing assures you of product tightness

Continued assurance in the integrity of Envirotank double-wall tanks can be determined by testing at the jobsite - prior to, during and after installation - to prove the durability and product tightness of both the primary and outer tanks. With some competitive tanks, the secondary walls or jackets cannot be positive pressure tested during or after the tanks have been installed.

Continuous monitoring and precision tank-testing capabilities are built in

Because it is comforting to be able to test the ongoing integrity of any storage tank, Envirotank built into each of our double-wall tanks both continuous monitoring and precision tank-testing capabilities. Envirotank Double-Wall Tanks provide a defined annular space to accommodate virtually any type of monitoring method you choose - wet or dry.

Our tanks can be supplied with a factory installed HydroGuard® Monitoring System with a coloured monitoring fluid. The brine is a dark blue colour preinstalled in the interstitial space at the factory and is used to perform visual leak testing during shipment and at the jobsite.

We recommend the HydroGuard® Monitoring System because it offers a leak detection capability that is superior to other methods. It constantly monitors 100% of both the inner and outer walls under all installed conditions. Steel tanks do not offer this feature.

The HydroGuard® Monitoring System can also double as a precision tank test, which has been independently tested and validated to meet EPA & AIP precision tank-testing requirements, able to detect leaks as small as 0.76 litres per hour.


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