Oil/Water Separators

Clereflo Oil/Water Separators by Envirotank

Pollution prevention is a critical part of sustainable drainage systems and stormwater treatment devices such as the Clereflo™ verified oil separators are specifically designed to contain and prevent silts and hydrocarbons (e.g. diesel, petrol or engine oil) entering the stormwater drainage system and prevent the pollution of our waterways.

Applicable Federal, State and Local environmental laws, regulations, codes and/or guidelines apply for the control and discharge of hydrocarbons to stormwater and trade waste streams.

The Clereflo™ range of oil separators from Envirotank fully comply with the European standard BSEN-858 and are third party certified to effectively separate oil and water.

During certified third party tests, Class 1 Clereflo™ separators have been qualified to discharge less than the required maximum of 5 mg/l of hydrocarbons as a stormwater treatment device, and therefore actively protect the environment and public safety.

Separator Classes and Types

Class 1 separators are designed to achieve a concentration of less than 5mg/l of oil under standard test conditions. These separators are required for discharges to stormwater drains and the environment.

Class 2 separators are designed to achieve a concentration of less than 100mg/l oil under standard test conditions and are suitable for dealing with discharges where a lower quality requirement applies such as discharges to trade waste sewers. (Separator can only be connected to sewer with the consent from the relevant local authority)

Clerflo™ separators by Envirotank are available as Full Retention Separators, Forecourt Separators and By Pass Separators.


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Conder Environmental Solutions

Envirotank would like to announce that Conder Environmental Solutions and Envirotank have signed a technology supply agreement to manufacture and represent their products under license in the Oceania region. The agreement allows Envirotank to manufacture and provide quality Conder storm water treatment devices and “Clereflo™” separator products meeting ENBS-858 to all industries in the region.

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Envirotank to exhibit at the ACAPMA Convenience and Fuel Industry Conference September 11th to September 14th.